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Green food

Green Food

About Us

Green Food for processing Industries is an old dream that found its way out to reality in 2014. Green Food is part of an integrate chain of business that in both “ Long Term and short term “ will enhance and enrich the base of an economy of agriculture . Green Food is a huge project that holds an investment of almost 12 Million $ with a unique business case in terms of production processing capacity for sunflower , ground nut and Soy Beans seeds. Green food is capable of processing 300 MT of SF per day and producing more than 100 MT of Crude edible oil and more than 100 MT of de-oiled cake (DOC). Green Food state of art plant is providing our endorsers with quality oil and DOC with less than 0.7% of Oil content. Our gifted and exceptionally talented workforces are the absolute bottom of our quality and long haul achievement. Subsequently, our approach requires that we assume liability for guaranteeing their wellbeing and security and in addition defending their wellbeing and welfare. We additionally take awesome pride in adding to the group and society all in all through dynamic corporate social duty and engagement. Our definitive concentration in this way, is to utilize our important assets keeping in mind the end goal to make esteem included items and administrations, which would add to the monetary, social and ecological advance and flourishing of Sudan. Altogether, we mean to lead by worldview and to gain from regular encounters; we set our attempts to exclusive expectations for our kin at all levels and reliably meet them.


Why Choose Us

Green Food is a newly established plant that utilizes the most updated technology in the genre of edible oil production. Solvent extraction with record breaking production rate is what makes Green Food a remarkable entity and major role player in this industry across Sudan. 150.00 MT/Day of Sunflower and Groundnut crude edible oil is the production capacity of our plant. Moreover, the high quality specification of the produced oil is ‘’ as well’’ what makes Green Food a pioneer on the industry of edible oil extraction. Furthermore, Green Food have the unique option of delivering its end users with refined high quality De-Oiled Cake with less than 1% of oil content. Where it proves that Green Food is also a significant figure in the world of animal feed industry.